Justice Department lets U.S. tax evaders escape Credit Suisse net

May 20, 2014 – Rudolf Elmer is a Swiss whistle blower who has been persecuted by the Swiss justice system for revealing tax evasion facilitated by the Julius Bär Bank in Zurich. He comments on the Justice Department deal with Credit Suisse, whose egregious money-laundering for 22,000 U.S. tax-evading accounts was exposed by Senate hearings led by Sen. Carl Levin. The settlement requires Credit Suisse to pay $2.6 billion in penalties, with no requirement that it turn over the names of U.S. tax evaders. The U.S. could have withdrawn the bank’s license to practice in America. It declined to use that leverage.

“All the Way” is a brilliant retelling of the struggle to win the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Robert Schenkkan has written a drama that should be performed in every city, every school and college in America. This play is both a stunning history lesson and a thrilling reenactment of one of the most exciting and important moments of recent American history. It’s the struggle to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at the moment when the civil rights struggle was roiling the south and capturing international headlines.

The flawed hero of the drama is President Lyndon Johnson – LBJ – whose re-election slogan was “All the Way with LBJ.” The time was 50 years ago, and a lot of people who see the play and read this review may have only a vague memory of that time. It was vivid to me. I had just returned from a year in Mississippi where, as a northern civil rights supporter, I edited the “Mississippi Free Press.” I knew the black and white activists portrayed in this play.