Feminists lose in Wasserstein’s “The Heidi Chronicles”

Wendy Wasserstein’s play about the impact of feminism on women is troubling for a feminist. The movement has attempted to persuade women that the essence of their destiny and dignity is not writ out biologically as wives and mothers, but as self-fulfillment with choices in the same wider world as men.

“The Tallest Tree in the Forest” is a towering musical history

Daniel Beaty’s portrait of Paul Robeson in his one-man show at BAM is stunning and moving. Memorable. It won an immediate standing ovation. Of course, Beaty had as a subject a man of great talent, courage and fortitude. For Americans to understand their history, this play should be seen in universities and theaters around the country.

Beaty, in a performance powerfully directed by Moisés Kaufman, makes you shiver at the cruelty of the U.S. government persecuting Robeson for daring to express his views, and then cheer at the man’s grit, with just a few reservations. And because in mainstream histories, he’s not given his due, it’s worth talking about that in detail.