Browder’s shell company agent Mossack Fonseca shuts down. Will media report his connection?

width=114March 17, 2018 – Bill Browder must be shedding tears that Mossack Fonseca, the infamous firm that set up offshore shell companies to help tax-evaders, criminals, looting dictators and other money-launderers, is shutting down.

It says it did so because it got a bad rep from the Panama Papers exposé. Western media has reported about prominent people found to own these hidden accounts.

Somehow, with all the attention they have paid to William Browder, they never found out (or reported) that his whole Russian investing operation was built on companies set up by the money-laundering Mossack Fonseca. (Were they so incompetent?) But there is still a chance! Here are the documents!















Will Browder‘s western press acolytes report that Mossack Fonseca set up the British Virgin Islands shells Berkeley Advisors and Starcliff that held his Hermitage shares? width=446

And, will these reporters ever ask for evidence before they print his fabrications? (Do you want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn? Famous NY scam.)

Click to see the Mossack Fonseca documents.

ADD: April 1st, a few week later, well no. The western corporate media wrote about the tax haven British Virgin Islands Mosscack Fonseca running shell companies for crooks. But never mentioned Browder. Browder is a critic of Putin. So he gets a pass.

Does this raise questions about the double standard of the corporate media? The offshore shell company system is run by the western banks. Is it a corrupt system? Of course it is. Western banks make money from international criminals. (Is there gambling going on at Rick’s cafe in Casablanca?)

It’s a corrupt system, start to finish.

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