Radio Interview on “Fight the Empire,” part 2

Radio Interview on “Fight the Empire,” part 2

Jan 9, 2018 – How William Browder organized an international campaign to block the Russians from going after his evaded taxes and profits from illicit share buys. Includes how Browder got Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act and the Justice Department to file a suit against a Russian real estate company to muddy the trail. A half hour.

Lucy on Canadian TV defending WikiLeaks

Nov 30, 2010 – I went on CTV, the Canadian News Network, to debate Martin Collicott, a former Canadian ambassador, over the WikiLeaks document release. Here’s a link to the video, done live yesterday, and then the text of what I said.

Lucy’s speeches & interviews

TV interview about the Allen Stanford case and the Sodexo kickbacks revealed by whistleblowers Jay and John Carciero on “Conversations with Harold Channer,” Oct 29, 2009, MNN – Channel 34, New York. You Tube. One hour. And more.