Gun control march: New Yorkers tell politicians and NRA what they think

By Lucy Komisar
March 25, 2018 –

Forget Thoughts & Prayers, it’s time for ACTION, photo Lucy Komisar.

“Had enough” was the meme. From the cynical dig at politicians‘ pledge to solve thousands of gun deaths with “thoughts and prayers” to a promise to vote them out, New Yorkers like thousands around the country March 24, took to the streets, to Sixth Avenue, to demand gun control and help end gun violence in America.

PS 15: Peace Begins with Me, photo Lucy Komisar.

Of course we know from the famous Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page report, explained here, that, “The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy. Only the elites and moneyed interests count.

I refuse to watch my friends die; We should never have to ask Can you hide? Can you play dead? Photo Lucy Komisar.

Still…on the na¯ve theory that if voters organized, things could change, here’s a picture of the opinions of New Yorkers who don‘t believed in a militarized citizenry.

The focus was on kids and schools.

The signs were hand lettered.

Things are so bad teenagers had to get off their phones for this. Photo Lucy Komisar.

“I refuse to watch my friends die.” “We should never have to ask Can you hide? Can you play dead?

A teenager joked that they got off their cell phones for the march.

I shouldn’t have to worry that my grandkids won’t be safe at school. Photo Lucy Komisar.

Their parents and grandparents had a lot to say – they shouldn‘t have to worry that kids will be safe at school.

Bullets are not school supplies. Photo Lucy Komisar.

They piled up signs to make a statement: bullets are not school supplies.

Gun control is now part of the Resistance.

Maybe the most important sign was about politics: On Nov. 6 we’ll take back our country.

Flag of resistance. On Nov 6 we’ll take back our country. Photo Lucy Komisar.


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