Tax Day brings out anti-Trump rallies

Elliot Crown with Trump Tax Cheato & woman collecting plastic bottles, photo Lucy Komisar.

By Lucy Komisar
April 18, 2018 –

I thought this photo of yesterday’s Tax Day 2018 anti-Trump tax law protest in Foley Square, Manhattan, carried a plaintive truth. Elliot Crown had a Trump mask and a scale to weigh Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax scam against what the country needs.

But by chance in the background was a woman bent over a collection of plastic bottles. Of course, she hoped the deposit returns would help her survive.

The anti-Trump satire, photo Lucy Komisar.

There were protests around the country, this one organized in New York by Upper West Side MoveOn/Indivisible, a local action group. They entertained with a pageant about Trump and his corrupt megabuck supporters.

Couple with posters, Kelly Ann Conway and Trump puppets, photo Lucy Komisar.

And some folks arrived with their own posters and even puppets.

But the focus was political.

Table promoting work for anti-Trump candidates, photo Lucy Komisar.

Get people to work for congressional candidates against the system.

Monopoly, photo Lucy Komisar.

Or you get continued corrosive monopoly.

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