Fault Lines: How Mikhail Khodorkovsky stole his mega-fortune

Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2014 at Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

By Lucy Komisar
May 1, 2018

Here is what you never read in the mainstream press about crooked Mikhail Khodorkovsky, now in the MSM again because he received hacked emails the NY Times uses to declare that Russian lawyer Nataliya Veselnitskaya colluded with Russian prosecutor in the Browder/Magnitsky case. It’s how he stole his billions.

No mention, by the way, that on the other side, the US Justice Department case was based entirely on evidence provided by William Browder, who got DOJ to bring the case to build a wall against Russia’s attempt to collect $70 million in evaded taxes and illicit share purchases of Gazprom. The DOJ chief investigator Todd S. Hyman admitted that in a deposition. But the rules are different for US and Russian prosecutors. The Times didn’t want to go there.

Elena Collongues-Popova in 2003, photo Lucy Komisar.

In this interview I provide detailed information (never reported in MSM) about Khodorkovsky’s corruption, which the Russians say netted him $25 billion. Switzerland once froze an account with $5 billion. I’ve read that he appears to be using some of that megacash to support the Browder/Magnitsky hoax. This latest how-did-those-documents-get-in-my-mailbox would support that.

But listen here about how Khodorkovsky became a mega-billionaire, how he used rigged auctions to steal companies that belonged to the Russian government and people. Apatit, Yukos, Avisma. How his trial for embezzlement and tax evasion includes solid evidence the US media never reported.

Note the documents provided by Elena Collongues-Popova, who worked for Khodorkovsky’s operation to set up shell companies to do pump-and-dump schemes to manipulate Yukos and other stocks and to hide ill-gotten-gains from transfer pricing. (Search for Khodorkovsky and Collogues-Popova on this website to find more, dating back to 2003. Including this.)

Ironic now that American and other Yukos shareholders are suing Russia for the demise of Yukos when they should be suing Khodorkovsky for defrauding them!

Here is the interview on Fault Lines.

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