Der Spiegel exposé of Wm Browder, mini-payout by lawyers who aided Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford

By Lucy Komisar
Dec 2, 2019

On Fault Lines today, I talk about two important financial corruption stories the U.S. press ignores. Both involve the offshore system that western banks and governments protect, the first in the British Virgin Islands, Guernsey and Cyprus, the second in Antigua.

Click on the arrow above to hear about the German Der Spiegel newsmagazine article exposing William Browder‘s Magnitsky hoax. It‘s the first time a mainstream publication has told this story, but other western media still refuse to write about it.

For more details, here is my story about the Spiegel article.

Then, hear how Greenberg Traurig, a major U.S. law firm, enabled the Allen Stanford $7.2-billion Ponzi scheme and has now, after ten years, as a result of a lawsuit by the bankruptcy trustee trying to get money for cheated investors, agreed to pay a $65 million settlement, under 1% of the amount scammed.

Though the crime was serious enough to put Stanford away for 111 years, the Justice Department has not brought a criminal case against the firm or the lawyers who collaborated with him on his schemes.

For more, here is my story about Greenberg Traurig and how it designed the crooked operations of its client Allen Stanford.

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