Dance Parade 2023: damp but vibrant

By Lucy Komisar
May 21, 2023

It rained on their parade, but the show went on for gutsy dance companies in this year’s New York City street dance event that moves from 17th Street down Sixth Avenue, east across 8th Street for performances on stages at Tompkins Square Park. It had stopped raining by then!

I loved the different national groups. My favorite was the Mexican troupe. Here are the women.

And then the men.

The group is sponsored by Caporales San Simon, a cultural folkloric organization in New York.

And I liked these Mexican dancers as well.

There were also the Chinese, here from the New York Chinese Qipao Association. And Glory City.

And then there were fantasy figures.

And dancers with hula hoops. And a butterfly outfit.

Some of the guys were covered up in raincoats!

Check back next May for sunnier times!

New York City Dance Parade.

Photos by Lucy Komisar.

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