OCCRP gets Lucy thrown off journalists’ list for citing Browder testimony that it is his collaborator

By Lucy Komisar
May 7, 2019

The OCCRP, a Bill Browder acolyte and stenographer “news organization,” just got me kicked off, GLOBAL-L, a supposedly nonpolitical journalists‘ list, because I quoted from Browder‘s 2015 deposition in US Federal Court SDNY (Southern District of NY) in the Prevezon case showing OCCRP is a Browder collaborator.

Here is the notice I just got. By the way, the is the second time. Happened a few years ago, based on my posts about Browder, OCCRP‘s Drew Sullivan also objected to. I was returned to the list after I informed the listmaster I would report this to the University of Missouri, which includes the famous Missouri School of Journalism and hosts the list. So this is the second time.

Subject: Your removal from the GLOBAL-L list
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 12:14:13 -0500
To: Lucy Komisar <lk@LUCYKOMISAR.COM>

Tue, 7 May 2019 12:14:13

You have been removed from the GLOBAL-L list (Global Investigative
Journalism) by Ted Peterson <listmaster@IRE.ORG>.

Here are the posts.

Subject: [GLOBAL-L] Bellingcat
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 09:03:10 +0200
From: (individual asked name not be used)

Dear colleagues,

I’m looking to contact Bellingcat for a collaboration within a transnational investigative network that I have set up. Does anyone on here have their contact  details?

Thanks in advance!

(Though the Global-L list emails are public, this individual asked that a name not be used)


Subject: Re: [GLOBAL-L] Bellingcat
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 09:41:00 -0400
From: Lucy Komisar <LK@lucykomisar.com>

Are you aware that Bellingcat is a rightwing Russophobic organization that presents lies as facts? I would stay far away from them. Their reputation will tarnish your work as anything they are involved with will be disbelieved by many.


(I found this link later. By the late Robert Parry, the founder of Consortium News.)

Subject: Re: [GLOBAL-L] Bellingcat
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 10:03:24 -0400
From: Drew Sullivan <drew@OCCRP.ORG>

Bellingcat is great and a fine choice but you will find them, like many of the best cross border collaboration projects, hugely busy with existing work. Bellingcat has reported honestly about Russia and the shooting down of MH17 by a Buk missile launcher along with many other great stories.   Yes, Lucy is correct that some will attempt to tar and feather you for working with them, (and us for that matter) but most of those people are paid Russian propaganda agents or the useful idiots they empower.   Russia is a place where the government has traditionally tried very, very hard to control the message —   the Putin government  would now like the whole world to believe as it does but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

Drew Sullivan – Editor

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project



twitter: @drewOCCRP

+387 61 139 403 (mob)

Subject: Re: [GLOBAL-L] OCCRP
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 10:33:53 -0400
From: Lucy Komisar <LK@LUCYKOMISAR.COM>

OCCRP is a Russophobic organization that promotes the Bill Browder/Magnitsky hoax without telling readers that OCCRP is a Browder collaborator, as Browder acknowledged in his 2015 deposition in US Federal Court Southern District of New York. Here’s where OCCRP comes up in his deposition. Here’s the deposition and then excerpts relating to OCCRP. https://c1.100r.org/media/2017/10/Browder-Deposition-April-15-2015.pdf

Case 1:13-cv-06326-TPG Document 281-1 Filed 05/13/15 Page 45 of 386

  1. So what reporters did you rely upon

14       to connect the dots?

15                                     A.                 Bill Alpert at Barron’s in

16       New York.

17                                     Q.                 Anybody else?

18                                     A.                 Roman Onin, Novaya Gazeta. I

19       shouldn’t say I relied on them; they worked

20       with our team.

21                                     Q.                 Anybody else?

22                                     A.                 The Organized Crime and Corruption

23       Reporting Project.


18                                     A.                 My team conducted the

19 investigation.

20                                     Q.                 And how did they do that?

21                                     A.                 Gathering information from

22       different sources.

23                                     Q.                 What sources? What sources?

24                                     A.                 OCCRP.

25                                     Q.                 What’s that, OCCRP?

2                     A. The Organized Crime and Corruption

3             Reporting Project.

4                     Q. They had records?

5                     A. Yes.

6                     Q. Do they have records of Prevezon

7             Holdings account and UBS?

8                     A. No.

19                                     Q.                 Do you know something called The

20       Journalism Development Network?

21                                     A.                 No.

22                                     Q.                 Operates OCCRP; you’re aware of

23 that?

24                                     A.                 No.

25                                     Q.                 Do you make contributions to the

2       Journalism Development Network?

3                     A. No.

4       Q. Never?

5       A. Never.

6                     Q. You’ve never made contributions

7             directly or indirectly to OCCRP?

8                     A. No.

9                     Q. How did you come to know OCCRP?

10                                     A.                 We met them — I met them, my

11       colleagues met them in the course of our work.

12                                                                 MR. CYMROT: So I’m going to mark

13                                     as Exhibit 18 a return of organization

14                                     exempt from income tax Journalism

15                                     Development Network, Inc.

16                                                                 (Browder Exhibit 18, document

17                                     Bates stamped BrowderDepo0000548

18                                     through ‘581 was marked for

19                                     identification, as of this date.)

20           BY MR. CYMROT:

21                                     Q.                 And this is for the year 2012, and

22       it shows in 2011 it received contributions of

23       $19,000. And in 2013, I’m looking at line 8

24       on the first page, received contributions of

25       $1,015,542.

(LK: the contributions to OCCRP via its US pass-through Journalism Development Network spiked massively the year that Browder invented his Magnitsky story to promote the Magnitsky Act in Congress. The OCCRP stories were part of that lobbying effort)

2                                                               Do you have any idea how its

3             contributions jump so significantly in 2012?

4                 A. No.

5                 Q. And that’s not due to any

6             contributions you made?

7                 A. I made no contributions.

8                 Q. And Hermitage?

9                 A. No contributions.

10                                       Q.                 And nobody on your team that you

11               know of?

12                                       A.                 No.

13                                       Q.                 So you have no explanation for that

14       jump in contributions?

15                                       A.                 No.

16                                       Q.                 So in 2012, the OCCRP approached

17       Denis Katsyv; you’re aware of that?

18                                       A.                 No.

19                                       Q.                 You weren’t aware of that?


4                     Q. Unit 2009 was acquired by Prevezon

5             on November 30, 2009 for 1,231,148. Do you

6             see that?

7                     A. Yes.

8                     Q. Where did you get that information?

9                     A. That information came from

10       Bill Alpert at Barron’s magazine.

11                                     Q.                 Do you know where he got it?

12                                     A.                 No.

13                                     Q.                 Unit 1810 was acquired on

14       November 30th for 829; did that come from

15       Bill Alpert also?

16                                     A.                 I believe so.

17                                     Q.                 How did Bill Alpert become

18       interested in Denis Katsyv?

19                                     A.                 He’s a part of the OCCRP network.

20                                     Q.                 Well, but how did Denis Katsyv come

21       to the attention of the OCCRP?

22                                     A.                 I don’t know.

23                                     Q.                 How did they come to your

24 attention?

25                                     A.                 I don’t know.

(LK: Browder’s collaborator OCCRP put together information he gave US attorney)

2                     Q. Yes.

3                     A. Are you sure?

4                     Q. Yes. It came from the OCCRP.

5                     A. So I — I don’t see it in here. Is

6             it — can you show me in here where — where

7             that statement is?

8                     Q. I don’t think it’s in there.

9                     A. So how did it come from me?

10                                     Q.                 It came from the OCCPR [sic] that

11       you gave to the U.S. attorney.

12                                     A.                 No. The OCCRP gave us information,

13       not the other way around.

14                                     Q.                 Yes. And then you gave it to the

15               U.S. attorney.

My email to listmaster:

Subject: Fwd: Your removal from the GLOBAL-L list
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 13:21:42 -0400
From: Lucy Komisar <LK@lucykomisar.com>
To: listmaster@IRE.ORG

please inform me of the reason for the removal


No reply yet.

Please include @Mizzou and @mujschool in any twitter comments.

A response from

Subject: Re: Your removal from the GLOBAL-L list
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 14:24:32 -0400
From: David Kaplan <david.kaplan@gijn.org>
Dear Lucy,
IRE has forwarded me your request for why you were removed from the GLOBAL-L listserv. You were removed at GIJN’s request because we found your comments today inappropriate and inaccurate. Both Bellingcat and OCCRP are GIJN members in good standing, and they have been honored repeatedly with major journalism awards for their groundbreaking reporting. To go on a public listserv and brand Bellingcat a rightwing Russophobic organization that presents lies as facts is misleading and possibly libelous.


David Kaplan, Executive Director
Global Investigative Journalism Network

So his answer is that the organizations cited belong to GIJN and have gotten awards. That is NOT an answer. No mention of the Browder testimony that OCCRP is his collaborator. He also does not mention that he (Kaplan) was on the board of directors of OCCRP. Now, wouldn’t that be relevant!   (He is no longer on the board.)

I replied

Subject: Re: Your removal from the GLOBAL-L list
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 14:38:14 -0400
From: Lucy Komisar
To: David Kaplan <david.kaplan@gijn.org>
On 5/7/2019 2:32 PM, Lucy Komisar wrote:

sorry, it is. will look for more evidence and forward.

About Bellingcat  fakery, sent to David Kaplan.

He would not deal with that.

This is the reason why the Panama Papers team never wrote about William Browder, the most famous Mossack Fonseca shell company owner. Because Kaplan was on the board of OCCRP in 2012, a Browder media acolyte that spent that year of his Magnitsky Act campaign writing Browder fabrications about the death of his accountant Magnitsky.

Or did Kaplan / GIJN just not notice that Browder was the most internationally prominent Panama Papers figure? They never responded to my emails of   documents showing the Browder/Panama Papers connection.   Never wrote about him. Now I know why!

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3 Responses to "OCCRP gets Lucy thrown off journalists’ list for citing Browder testimony that it is his collaborator"

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  2. Adrian, Editor, J'Accuse News   Nov 16, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    Drew Sullivan lands in “journalism” after US space/military+ outfit Rockwell International. Fitting.

    It’s no surprise that such actors as career conman, convicted tax-evader + fraudster, Bill Browder, and criminal oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky do what they do… it’s natural.

    Of concern today is the faux journalistic operations of the legacy media and such entities as the OCCRP and ICIJ which report selectively and continually fail to tell the truth about the rackets of Browder, Khodorkovsky et al. (Bellingcat is too-obvious propaganda.)

    Thank you for being a rare voice for genuine investigative journalism today!

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