20 fake US media articles on the Browder Magnitsky hoax and one honest reporter from Cyprus

By Lucy Komisar
Feb 28, 2021

This is about articles written in U.S. media about convicted tax fraudster and conman William Browder.

Browder lies to Senate Judiciary Committee 2017.

Every article has links to evidence that proves the stories are wrong. The writers were sent the evidence and links and uniformly did not reply. Except the Cypriot, who wrote a piece correcting what he had wrong, which was everything Browder told him!

There’s a lot out there about social media and other institutions going after “fake news.” Will they go after this fake news? I have asked and get no response from sites such as Snopes. Because the attack on fake news is political, targeted, and it does not look at fake news challenging U.S. foreign policy. Do you think any of the “disinformation” groups will look at the “fake news” below?

No, because “fake news” that mirrors a U.S. government line is accepted as true.

It starts with BuzzFeed, which routinely writes everything about the Browder Magnitsky story wrong. At a certain point, you know they are not stupid, it is deliberate.  (Ignore any lines through the urls, they all work.)

BuzzFeed https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2020/09/the-buzzfeed-russiagate-agenda/ 

BuzzFeed https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2020/09/buzzfeed-repeats-browders-fake-news-repudiated-by-british-inquest/ 

Note that BuzzFeed promoted the Steele Dossier against Trump, which has now been proved to be a fake and led to arrests of some of the perpetrators.

Washington Post https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2019/09/washington-post-editorial-on-sergei-magnitsky-european- court-decision-false-facts-no-evidence/ 

Politico https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2019/08/browder-targets-cyprus-and-politico-takes-stenography/ 

Politico https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2019/07/story-on-politico-repeats-browder-fakery/ 

Wall Street Journal https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2019/07/wsj-wont-respond-to-evidence-its-browder-story-is-full-of-fabrications/ 

Wall Street Journal https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2019/01/lies-of-wsjs-strassel-and-doj-indictment/ 

Washington Post https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/12/washpost-is-wrong-again-on-browder/ 

Vanity Fair https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/11/fakery-of-marie-brenners-browder-article-in-vanity-fair/ 

New Yorker https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/08/the-new-yorkers-fake-browder-story/ 

Reuters https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/06/reuters-prints-fake-news-the-latest/ 

Rolling Stone https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/06/rolling-stone-is-snookered-by-bill-browders-fake-news/ 

Wall Street Journal https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/05/ex-wsj-editor-drinks-browder-kool-aid/ 

Wall Street Journal https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/05/wsj-thinks-it-takes-a-crook-to-catch-a-crook/ 

NY Review of Books https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/04/nyrb-wont-run-invited-letter-exposing-fake-browder-magnitsky-article/

Russian Roulette https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/03/russian-roulette-by-journalists-isikoff-and-corn-promotes-the-browder-magnitsky-hoax/

New York Review of Books https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/02/ny-review-of-books-fake-news-on-browdermagnitksy-story/ 

The Nation https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/01/bad-russiagate-reporting-from-the-left/ 

National Law Journal https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/01/evidence-the-national-law-journal-doesnt-need-it/ 

NYTimes https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2018/01/another-fake-news-russiagate-story-this-by-nytimes/ 

Sorry, can’t stop at twenty, they keep coming!

The Guardian of London, https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2021/05/latest-guardian-fabrication-about-browder-magnitsky-hoax/

FT, AP, Reuters promote Wm Browder’s Big Lie about Magnitsky Hoax https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2021/07/ft-ap-reuters-promote-wm-browders-big-lie-about-magnitsky-hoax/

The latest: NYTimes Dealbook repeats William Browder’s Magnitsky hoax. I ask major media “fact checkers” to deal with it. https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2022/04/nytimes-dealbook-repeats-william-browders-magnitsky-hoax-i-ask-major-media-fact-checkers-to-deal-with-it/

And here’s another from Fox News: https://www.thekomisarscoop.com/2022/10/dear-paul-best-of-fox-news/

The only journalist who checked out the sources and acknowledged he was wrong was a Cypriot, writing in Sept 2018. Most media, alas, are happy to write lies.


Please tell me about disinformation! The U.S. media invented it. And the so-called fact-checking anti-disinformation sites all ignore this easily refuted “urban legend.” Appears that at a time of neo-McCarthyism, they fear challenging the U.S. government’s Russophobic line.

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  1. Lubin Bisson   Mar 1, 2021 at 9:36 am


  2. James   Jul 28, 2021 at 7:59 am

    Excellent reporting of Browder’s shady shenanigans. It’s quite likely that he will continue to get away with his criminality and lies, but the more we expose more details of his actions, the less he’ll be able to sleep at night.

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