Browder hoax as the beginning of Russiagate: interview on The Backstory

By Lucy Komisar
April 8, 2022

Read or listen how William Browder’s Magnitsky hoax, supported by the Deep State, was the first pillar of Russiagate. That was 2012. And it’s brought us to today’s U.S./Ukraine (proxy) war against Russia. Here’s the audio that runs for 28 minutes starting at 1hr 23 minutes in.

Now we know that Russiagate was an operation launched by the DeepState when the USSR was replaced by Russia and the states that had been part of it, especially the Baltics and the southern CaucasusStans.

The plot was to extend NATO to Russia’s border. And challenge Russia’s existence as a major state. Even after the USSR threat had disappeared. Because Russia was still an important country that would threaten U.S. global hegemony.

From the late 90s, even Biden spoken against including Baltic states in Nato. George Kennan said the same. Later Kissinger said that. They all knew the Deep State/ NATO policy would cross Russia’s red line. And BTW this started during the time of Yeltsin, way before Putin succeeded him in 2000.

Here what was said in a Rand report. Rand is a quasi-U.S. governmental think tank that receives three-quarters of its funding from the U.S. military.

According to the 2019 report, “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia,” the U.S. goal was on efforts and actions to undermine the designated adversary, Russia.

Rand listed many techniques and “measures” to provoke and threaten Russia. Some of the steps included:

•             Repositioning bombers within easy striking range of key Russian strategic targets

•             Deploying additional tactical nuclear weapons to locations in Europe and Asia

•             Increasing US and allied naval force posture and presence in Russia’s operating areas (Black Sea)

•             Holding NATO war exercises on Russia’s borders

•             Withdrawing from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty

•             The Rand report said, “Increasing US military aid would certainly drive up the Russian costs, but doing so could also increase the loss of Ukrainian lives and territory or result in a disadvantageous peace settlement.”

Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, said that over 20 years the US invested $5 billion in the project to turn Ukraine. The culmination was a violent coup in February 2014. Since 2015, the US has been training ultra-nationalist and Neo-Nazi militias.


First, once it’s clear that the U.S./Deep State project was to bring about the collapse of Russia as a major state that could threaten U.S. hegemonic intentions. It needed to demonize Russia. And Browder was the perfect ploy for that.

We know he is a tax fraudster that the Russian tax investigators went after from the early 2000s. He used fake labor contracts to says he had hired disabled people and get a 50% tax cut in Kalmykia, a Buddhist region which gave that benefit especially to help wounded from the war in Afghanistan. His alleged “employees” allowed their work documents to be used for payment. It was corrupt. Here’s a document filed in U.S. Federal Court that describes it.

After years, including Browder paying off a tax investigator, he was judged by a court in 2013 to be a tax fraudster and got a 9-year sentence. By then he had been out of the country since 2005 when he was denied renewal of his visa – after years of refusing to pay $40mil in taxes. [Document filed in federal court in New York.)

From the case file describing the tax fraud.

He had also done corrupt stock deals. In that scam, he bought Gazprom shares when non-Russia nationals were not allowed to buy them in Russia, where prices were cheaper than as ADRs [American Depository Receipts] in London.

Browder’s Berkeley Advisors registered in offshore BVI by Mossack Fonseca.

He moved multimillions of profits offshore via Cyprus shell companies with the help of his bank HSBC. The Panama Papers investigation showed his accounts set up by Mossack Fonseca in BVI.

Browder is vindictive. He had admitted moving all his money out of Russia. Maybe he feared Russia would go after him for the $100mil in back taxes and illicit stock buys. But he knew the Deep State media could help build a defense.

The Deep State has a history of using the mainstream media for its operations. See the Carl Bernstein report of how the CIA paid off reporters: How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up. 

The western media would lie in order to build up public hostility to Russia and lay the groundwork for the U.S. to use Ukraine as a proxy in the NATO expansion operation to attack Russia’s independence and existence.

Browder’s key fake story was the death of Sergei Magnitsky, the accountant who arranged the fake tax filings. He was arrested for that, Browder refused to pay the tax bills that would get him released, Magnitsky told a fellow prisoner that his employers, meaning Browder and company, had hung him out to dry, and he died in prison in 2009 of a stomach ailment.

But it wasn’t till 2012 that Browder, working with ex-State Department official Jonathan Weiner, invented the Magnitsky hoax, saying he had been beaten to death by government thugs. In spite of the fact that the Physicians for Human Rights in Cambridge, Mass, based on all the documents Browder sent them, said Magnitsky died of a stomach ailment. So much for truth.

Here’s how Browder changed his Magnitsky story from 2009 to 2017. Graphic by Michael Thau.

The State Department/U.S. government promoted legislation in 2012 named the Magnitsky Act which repeated all Browder’s fakeries to demonize Russia. When in 2017 I requested as a journalist evidence for the claims in the law, I was told, “The Human Rights Reports are prepared by human rights officers at U.S. Missions around the world. They represent thousands of work-hours as each country. Once the reports are drafted, they are edited, reviewed, and fact-checked to ensure accuracy and objectivity. the reports do not reach conclusions of a legal character.” Translation, we know the Magnitsky story is a lie and we certainly won’t take legal responsibility for it.

State Department won’t provide evidence on its Magnitsky claims.

After five years, no response to my FOIA requests for documents relating to the Browder/Magnitsky scam, including to the role of State Depertment Russia expert Robert Otto, who said in emails in 2016 that Browder was lying.

Browder played the press brilliantly. Look at this analysis more than 20 mainstream media articles about Browder’s fake claims, in each one linked to documents that proved the story fake. I sent the analyses and documentation to each of the reporters. None of the MSM reporters responded, including the NYTimes, Wash Post, Vanity Fair and more. It’s called “20 fake US media articles on the Browder Magnitsky hoax and one honest reporter from Cyprus.” That Cyprus guy actually looked at the documents and wrote a retraction!

How the U.S. media lies about Browder and ignored documents that prove they lie.

Of course, that fakery continues. Browder obviously has a huge PR operation. One of his failed now forgotten invented stories was shopped to Robert Mueller saying that a meeting between Donald Trump Jr and Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya representing the Prevezon company was the smoking gun to prove collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign to steal the 2016 election.

Bill of sale of Parfenion owned by Browder Cyprus shell Glendora to Markelov, convicted of the theft Browder pinned on Russian officials.

Browder had targeted the Russian company Prevezon in his fake story about $230mil stolen from the Russian Treasury which was a coverup for his own theft. The evidence is in documents showing his transfer of ownership of a shell company he owned to a person involved in the theft.

And the man convicted of the theft said he worked with a Sergei Leonidovich, which would be Sergei Leonidovich Magnitsky. I assume the ill-gotten gains of that $230mil heist are sitting in a Browder offshore account.

In the theory that the best defense is a good offense, Browder has spent a decade attacking Russia to deflect attention from his own corruption, especially to keep Interpol, now clearly obeying Washington’s orders, from carrying out its alleged function of arresting international crooks.

The Deep State demonization of Putin was manna from heaven for Browder. Now he spews his lies in the Independent and The Times in the UK, on MSNBC, the Wall St Journal, Fortune, Yahoo Finance, including inventions of Putin’s wealth, although he said previously in print that he didn’t know, he was just guessing about that wealth. Guessing? Better, just making it up. Obviously, those reporters don’t ask for evidence, because it, they, are part of the Deep State attack on Russia.

Browder is listed in the documents of the Integrity Initiative, an operation funded by the British foreign Office, as one of its assets working to demonize Russia. Some think he has an official role in the Deep State. But it doesn’t matter. They work in tandem.

Browder is the top of the list of the UK “Inner Core – Russia,” meaning his job is to attack Russia.

The relevance of describing Browder’s role is to show that at least ten years ago, he and the Deep State were working together to demonize Russia as part of the planned attacked on the Russian state.

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2 Responses to "Browder hoax as the beginning of Russiagate: interview on The Backstory"

  1. Tony McAdam   Aug 19, 2022 at 4:10 am

    James Comey joined HSBC in 2013 before going on to head the FBI later that year.

    HSBC were embroiled in the Browder case. Previously, Comey was also a senior vice president at Lockheed Martin.

    Untold billions had been embezzled and siphoned out of Russia into tax havens, and Russia was on the trail to recover it. As we know, Comey did his part in Russiagate and profited his buddies all round.

    Today, HSBC is pulling out of Russia. It was a different story four years ago.

    Great article. One that needs to be known. Sadly Western media houses are corrupt and complicit.

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