Cuomo prefers people to wait outside in the cold for hours in public venues

By Lucy Komisar
Feb 21, 2021

I wrote a story about how my Covid vaccine appointment with Mount Sinai was cancelled, and how I’d learned that Gov. Cuomo stopped vaccine deliveries to Mount Sinai because it had criticized him.

I got this response from a reader I know and trust:

“On Thursday I just got my 2nd shot at Mt. Sinai (58th St /10th ave.) Others I know were either a few days too early, or a few days too late. So I just got in a narrow slot.

Mount Sinai at 1000 Tenth Avenue, NYC.

Very well organized. It took me 15 minutes from arriving at the hospital door to finish the vaccine.

The nurse said that Cuomo prefers people to wait outside in the cold for hours in public venues like baseball stadiums than to schedule appointments inside and quickly.

My wife can’t get CVS doses here, because the only CVS in Queens with doses is far distant from public transportation (Queens Village).

 She can’t register despite being a social worker (health care worker), not to mention caregiver to me at 81. Only those over 65 can get shots.

And by opening the range from 75 to 65, that crowds out most 75-year-olds by flooding the e-market. Maybe Cuomo is trying to save on Social Security by wiping out the elderly. That would explain everything. 😊”

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